Диалоги на английском языке

Диалоги на английском языке помогут Вам запомнить типичные вопросы и ответы. Этого достаточно, чтобы начать общаться на бытовом уровне. Мы собрали на этой странице несколько примеров диалогов.
Диалоги на английском языке

Dialogue 1. Birthday

  • Hey, dear, tomorrow is your birthday! How about inviting some friends and arranging a party?

  • Oh, mum, that sounds great! I want to invite my three best friends: Helen, Mike and Jenny.

  • So, you will be four? It isn’t many, but we should impress every guest. For example, let’s go to the Macdonald’s. Everybody loves it.

  • It isn’t a good idea, I think, course Jenny keeps a diet, so she avoids eating junk food that is rich in fats, sugar and carbohydrates.

  • You sound like a dietician. Well, so we can go to a Japanese restaurant. There is a lot of seafood there which is rich in proteins, you know.

  • Yeah, it’s really good for our health, but Make is allergic to fish.

  • Pour boy, he can’t afford to try so delicious food. Well, then I have no ideas.

  • Alright. But we can celebrate it at home.

  • That’s a nice idea. What about the menu? We can make some salads. I know recipes of good ones. We can prepare chicken for the main cause, an apple pie for desert and buy different drinks.

  • Oh, my favorite apple pie! Thank you very much mum!

  • You are welcome. What time would you like them to come?

  • Tomorrow after school, I guess.

  • I see.

Диалоги на английском языке

Dialogue 2. Diet

  • Hey, Jane. You know, I decided to start thinking about my health and my body, but I don’t know what exactly should I do? Can you advise me something cause I don’t even know how to start

  • Well, have you thought about a balanced diet? It’s a good way to lose weight и keep you fit; a lot of people say this.

  • That’s great but to tell the truth I want eat everything and I would not prefer to keep a diet because I love food very much.

  • Ok, oh, I have a wonderful idea. Have you heard about the gym “Maxfitness”, that is near Babuskinskaya metro station. I started to go there about month ago and as you can see now I don’t have any problems with my weight and I look sporty. Sport helps everybody to be strong and of course to be healthy. I offer you to join this gym too.

  • That sounds good, but tell me more, please. What kinds of sport can people practice there?

  • What about me? I practice aerobics and sometimes go there to lift weight but I don’t really like it. Well, I think that you don’t want to join the football class and you are not good at this kind of sport, are you?

  • Are you joking? Of course not

  • There is a karate class too. I’ve heard that it’s really interesting kind of sport, is not it?

  • I have practiced the karate already and it is rather boring. But what about aerobics, it attracts me more. And tell me about timetable because I don't have much time.

  • Oh, their timetable is really exciting because you can go there every day from 7 a m to 11 p.m.

  • Fine and when can I start to go there and what do I have to bring with me?

  • Oh, don’t worry! Only visit their website and there you will see how can they inscribe you in a list. And for practicing you have to bring only a uniform that will be comfortable enough to move, something like trainers and tracksuit.

  • Alright, and how much money does the gym cost?

  • 11000 per year. I hope it is not too expensive for you.

  • No it is not. Thanks very much for your advice and for telling me such interesting information. Will you go to the gym tomorrow? Because I will be free and we will be able to go there together. How do you think?

  • Yes, you are right. Let’s meet at 2 a.m. at my house and we will be able to have lunch in the caf next to the gym before practicing.

  • It a good idea. Ok, bye.

  • Bye.


Диалоги на английском языке

Dialogue 3. Doctor

  • Good morning, Doctor Lobanova is speaking.

  • Hello, Doctor, I’m Andrew Efimov.

  • What’s the matter with you?

  • I’ve been feeling bad since yesterday night. I have a bad headache, I’m coughing and my nose is running.

  • Is your sore throat? Is there any pain in your chest?

  • Yes, my throat is sore. But I have never had any pain in my chest.

  • Alright. Can you come to the hospital? I should examine you, take your temperature and pulse.

  • Okay. I’ll be in 5 minutes.

  • Hello, Doctor. Remember, I have called you this morning.

  • Oh, hello, Andrew. Let me have a look. Open your mouth wide, say “aaaa!”

  • Aaa!

  • Well, your throat is a bit red.

  • Yes, I feel all cold and hot, too.

  • I’ll just take your temperature. Tut-tut. Your temperature is very high, 38.5. Well, I think you have caught flu.

  • Where did I catch it? May be at school, because now there is an epidemic of flu in Moscow and people are dropping like flies.

  • You are right about that. I’ll write out a prescription. Take these painkillers for your headache; take 6 drops every 4 hours. Drink a lot of warm milk or tea and put a compress on your throat every night.

  • Should I stay in bed?

  • No, you shouldn’t, but you have to stay at home and keep warm.

  • How long am I going to stay like this?

  • You will get over in a week.

  • Thank you for your time, Doctor!

  • Get well, Andrew, good bye!

  • Good bye!

Диалоги на английском языке

Dialogue 4. Shop

  • Good morning. How can I help you?

  • Good morning. Tomorrow my best friend is going to have a birthday party and I don’t know what to wear. Can you give me a little piece of advice?

  • Alright, that’s my job. Our shop offers you a lot of different items of clothes. Let’s start from the trousers. Now black torn jeans are in fashion. Here are good ones.

  • Oh, I have always wanted to buy black jeans! What size are they?

  • It’s M.

  • Where can I try them on?

  • You should turn right and there are changing rooms there.

  • Oh no, they are too short!

  • Okay, I will look for a bigger size. Please, wait a little. I think these ones are long enough.

  • Yes, they fit me perfectly. Put them off, please, I’ll definitely buy them.

  • That’s great. And now we should choose a T-shirt.

  • No, thanks. I have a good one at home. How about choosing a belt?

  • Depends on what color is your T-shirt.

  • It’s red.

  • So you should buy this red belt.

  • Thank you for your time, that’s all I want to buy.

  • Okay. So, your jeans are 70 euros and the belt is 30 euros. Thank you for your buying. Oh, just a moment… You are really lucky, you have made a purchase for 100 euros! There are some presents for you here, and you can choose one of them!

  • That sounds great! What to choose… A belt, a cap, sunglasses, a bag for a laptop or a tie?.. Well, I’ll choose these nice sunglasses. My girlfriend will love them.

  • Good choice. Thank you, come back again!

  • Bye!

Диалоги на английском языке

Dialogue 5. Mobile phone

  • Good morning, can I help you?

  • Good morning, yes. I’m looking for a new mobile phone.

  • Well, we have loads of mobile phones. Everything depends on price. How much are ready to spend?

  • I think, that maximum price can be 12.000 rubles.

  • All right. So I can offer you a new mobile phone Nokia 700. This multifunctional device has an access to the Net and it’s easy enough to use.

  • That’s OK, but I can’t stand using mobiles with touch screen.

  • Well, so it’s worth buying Nokia E5. It has different options, you can store loads of information on it and it looks cool!

  • Well it’s cool. But can you offer me one like this, but in a deferent color? Something more classic, black or white…

  • I’m sorry, but there are not black Nokia E5 in our country. But we have white one. Do you want to test it?

  • Yes, of course.

  • Well. Let me give you little piece of advice. That mobile phone support to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS. It has camera 5megapixels. So it’s the best variant for you.

  • It sounds good. How much does it cost?

  • It’s only 8 750 rubles.

  • Well, I will buy it. Thanks.

  • You are welcome. Thank you for your coming. Goodbye.

  • Goodbye.

Диалоги на английском языке

Dialogue 6. Weekend

  • Andrew, do you remember, we’ve decided to go to a camping this weekend!

  • Yes, of course. But I’m afraid something dangerous may happen to us and we may have troubles.

  • Don’t worry. We have learned about first-aid basics recently. So you must know what to do.

  • Unfortunately, I wasn’t at that lesson so I know nothing. Can you help me?

  • No problem. I’m ready to start right now. If someone breaks his arm or leg, you should fix it. If the leg is badly hurt you mustn’t move this person from place to place. And of course you should call for the ambulance. And if a bee stings you, you should…

  • Oh, let me say! Last year I was stung by a bee. To tell the truth, I’m allergic to bee stings.
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