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Глаголы с предлогами "of" и "from"

Глагол + of ... и глагол + from ...

  • hear of ... = знать, что кто-нибудь/что-нибудь существует.
  • "Who is Tom Hart?" "I have no idea. I've never heard of him".
  • hear from ... = получить от кого-нибудь извещение, письмо, поговорить по телефону и т.д.
  • "Have you heard from Jane recently?" "Yes, she phoned a few days ago."

  • think of something = вспоминать:
  • He told me his name, but I can't think of it now.
  • That's a good idea. Why didn't I think of that?
  • Мы также употребляем think of когда высказываем свое или спрашиваем чье-то мнение:
  • "What did you think of the film?" "I didn't think much of it."
  • Различие между think of и think about порой крайне незначительно, и вы можете использовать любой из предлогов.
  • When I pass this place I often think of you. (или ... about you.)
  • Можно сказать think of/about doing something = думать о возможных действиях в будущем:
  • My sister is thinking of (или about) going to Canada.

  • remind somebody of somebody/something = напоминать кому-то кого-то/что-то:
  • This house reminds me of the one I lived in when I was a child.
  • Look at this photograph of Richard. Who does he remind you of?

  • complain of a pain, an illness ... = жаловаться на боль, болезнь ...
  • We called the doctor because George was complaining of a pain in his stomach.

  • accuse, suspect somebody of ...
  • Sue accused me of being selfish.
  • Dina is suspected of stealing the phone.

  • approve, disapprove of ...
  • His parents don't approve of what he does, but they can't stop him.

  • die of или from болезни и т.д.
  • "What did he die from?" "A heart attack."

  • consist of ...
  • We had an enormous meal. It consisted of seven courses.

  • suffer from болезни и т.д.
  • The number of people suffering from heart disease has increased.

  • protect somebody, something from или against ...
  • Sun block protects the skin from the sun. (или ... against the sun.)