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May и Might

Мы используем may или might чтобы сказать, что что-либо возможно.

Структура предложения:

подлежащее may
(not) be (true / in her room etc.)
be (doing / going / having etc.)
know / work / want etc.
  • Примеры:
  • It may be true. или It might be true.
  • She may know. или She might know.
  • It may not be true. или It might not be true.
  • She may not work here any more. или She might not work here any more.

Для прошедшего времени употребляется may have или might have:

подлежащее may
(not) have been (true / asleep / at home etc.)
been (doing / working / feeling etc.)
known / had / wanted etc.
  • Примеры:
  • "I wonder why Mary didn't answer the phone." - "She may have been in the bathroom."
  • "I can't find my bag anywhere." - "You might have left it in the shop."
  • "I was surprised that Kate wasn't at the meeting yesterday." - "She might not have known about it."
  • "I wonder why David was in such a bad mood yesterday." - "He may not have been feeling well."

  • В этом значении Could аналогичен may и might:
  • It's a strange story, but it could be true.
  • You could have left your glasses at home.
  • Однако couldn't отличается от may not и might not. Сравните:
  • Sarah couldn't have got my message. Otherwise she would have replied. (it's not possible that she got my message.)
  • I wonder why Helen hasn't replied to my email. I suppose she might not have got it. (maybe she didn't get it, and maybe she did.)

  • Мы таже употребляем may или might для возможных действий и событий в будущем:
  • I haven't decided where to go yet. I may go to Canada.
  • Take an umbrella with you. It might rain later.
  • The bus isn't always on time. We might have to wait a few minutes.
  • Отрицательная форма строится путем добавления not (may not и might not (mightn't)):
  • Liz may not go out tonight. She isn't feeling well.
  • There might not be enough time to discuss everything in one evening.
  • Для нереальной ситуации мы используем только might:
  • If I were in his situation, I might look for another job.

  • Форма continuous тоже существует: may/might + be + present participle.
  • I might be going to Barcelona in July.
  • Don't phone before 8.30. I might be having a bath.

  • Идиома might as well означает, что лучше сделать это, так как нет лучшей альтернативы. Нет причины не делать этого. Можно также сказать May as well.
  • "What time are you going out?" - "Well, I'm ready, so I might go now as well."
  • It's so expensive to go by bus these days, you may as well get a taxi.