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Герундий после предлогов

Так как мы используем оборот с герундием как существительное, то мы можем поставить предлог перед ним.

Вот возможные формы и примеры:

Отдельно стоящий герундий после предлогов.
after After having breakfast, I went shopping.
before What should you know before getting married?
by I'll do it by working about 3-hour a day.
in spite of In spite of studying a lot he didn't pass the exams.
on I stood and waited his reaction on hearing my words.
without He told the joke without laughing.

Герундий после прилагательного с предлогом.
afraid of We were afraid of beeing late for the plane.
angry about/at Nataly was angry about walking on the sunshine.
bad at/good at Alex is good at working with databases.
clever at He is clever at skateboarding.
crazy about Tonya is crazy about playing chess.
disappointed about/at He is disappointed about failing in publishing new article.
excited about Denis was excited about his staying in Barcelona.
famous for Sandy is famous for singing songs.
fed up with I'm fed up with listening to your talk about policy.
fond of She is fond of rock music clubs.
glad about She is glad about getting married at 45.
happy about/at The children were so happy about the end of classes at school.
interested in Are you interested in writing poems?
keen on Joe is keen on drawing.
nervous about She was nervous about taking your driver's test.
proud of She is proud of riding a motorcycle.
sick of We're sick of sitting here doing nothing.
responsible for There is a gene responsible for controlling programmed cell death.
sorry about/for He's sorry for eating in the lesson.
tired of I'm tired of waiting for you.
used to She is used to smoking.
worried about I'm worried about making mistakes.

Герундий после существительного с предлогом.
advantage of What is the advantage of swimming over running?
chance of There's a chance of catching a cold these days.
choice between There iss a choice between flying to Barcelona or taking a ferry.
danger of Peggy is in danger of making a mistake.
difficulty in He has difficulty in texting.
doubt about Karen was in doubt about meeting Peter tonight.
hope of There's little hope of catching the new Corvette.
idea of I like the idea of refactoring of this part of application.
interest in There's no interest in writing letters.
method of This is a simple method of finding solutions.
opportunity of There will be some opportunity of going to Australia next summer.
point of What's the point of having a car if you never use it?
possibility of I'm happy to have the possibility of changing habitation.
problem of He has the problem of swimming too slow.
reason for There's no any reason for laughing.
risk of Be carefull, there's a risk of cutting yourself.
trouble for He was in trouble for stealing.
way of This is a simple way of giving up smoking.

Герундий после глагола с предлогом.
accuse of He was accused of illegal crossing the border.
agree with I agree with playing darts.
apologise for They apologised to us for being late.
approve of He doesn't approve of swearing.
believe in He doesn't believe in anything, even in destiny.
blame for Who is to blame for the civil war in your country?
complain about She complains about bullying.
concentrate on You have to concentrate on doing your homework.
congratulate sb. on I wanted to congratulate you on success at work.
cope with The most difficult for me is to cope with loneliness.
decide against They decided against stealing the car.
depend on Success in learning depends on your ability to concentrate.
determine (up)on We determined on leaving early in the morning.
dream about/of Mark dreams of being a rock'n'roll star.
excuse for Excuse me for being so late.
feel like They feel like going to bed.
forgive (someone) for Please forgive me for not call you sooner.
get used to You must get used to speaking Spanish.
insist on The girls have insisted on sleeping in a fresh air.
look forward to I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.
plan on Let's plan on meeting at the restaurant at six.
prevent sb. from sth. You have to prevent Mila from working in this firm.
rely on sth. He doesn't rely on winning in the casino.
succeed in I'm wondering how can I succeed in studying physics.
specialize in The firm specialized in designing websites.
stop sb. from I stopped Andrew from smoking.
suspect of The director suspected his managers of stealing goods.
talk about/of They often talk about living in Finland.
thank (someone) for/of Thank you for opening the door.
think about/of Frank thinks of playing chess.
warn sb. against We warned them against using this computer.
worry about Don't worry about me, I'm completely safe and healthy.