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Глаголы с предлогами "to" и "at"

Глагол + to ...

  • talk, speak to somebody (with тоже возможно, но менее распространено)
  • Who was that man you were talking to?
  • listen to ...
  • We spent the evening listening to music.
  • write (сообщение) to ...
  • I wrote to the hotel complaining about the poor service we had received.
  • apologise to somebody (for ...)
  • They apologised to me for what happened.
  • explain something to somebody
  • Can you explain this word to me?
  • explain / describe to somebody (what/how/why ...)
  • I explained to them why I was worried.
  • Let me describe to you what I saw.

Мы не употребляем to со следущими глаголами:

  • phone / telephone / call somebody
  • Did you phone your father yesterday?
  • answer somebody/something
  • He refused to answer my question.
  • ask somebody
  • Can I ask you a question?
  • thank somebody (for something)
  • He thanked me for helping him.

Глагол + at ...

  • look, have a look, take a look, stare, glance at ...
  • Why are you looking at me like that?
  • laugh at ...
  • I look stupid with this haircut. Everybody will laugh at me.
  • aim / point (что-либо) at ...
  • Don't point that knife at me. It's dangerous.
  • shoot / fire (из ружья) at ...
  • We saw someone with a gun shooting at birds, but he didn't hit any.
В зависимости от значения мы употребляем at или to после некоторых глаголов. Например:

  • shout at somebody (когда вы злитесь)
  • He got very angry and started shouting at me.
  • shout to somebody (для того, чтобы передать информацию)
  • He shouted to me from the other side of the street.
  • throw something at somebody, something (с целью ударить)
  • Somebody threw an egg at the minister.
  • throw something to somebody (чтобы кто-то поймал)
  • Pit threw the bag to me from the window.