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Предлоги времени: at, on, in

Мы используем at для времени суток:

at five o'clock     at 11.45     at midnight     at lunchtime     at sunset

Мы используем on для дней и дат:

on Friday / on Fridays     on 16 May 1999     on Christmas Day     on my birthday

Мы используем in для более длительных периодов времени (например: месяцы, годы и т.д.):

  • in October     in 1988     in the 18th century     in the past
  • in (the) winter     in the 1990s     in the Middle Ages     in (the) future

  • Мы употребляем at в таких выражениях:
at night I don't like going out at night.
at the weekend / at weekends Will you be here at the weekend?
at Christmas Do you give each other presents at Christmas?
at the moment / at present Mr Benn is busy at present.
at the same time Emily and I arrived at the same time.

  • Мы говорим:
in the morning(s) on Friday morning(s)
in the aftemoon(s) on Sunday afternoon(s)
in the evening(s) on Monday evening(s)
I'll see you in the morning. I'll see you on Friday morning.
Do you work in the evenings? Do you work on Saturday evenings?
  • Мы не употребляем at, on, in перед last, next, this, every:
  • I'll see you next Friday.
  • They got married last March.
  • В разговорном английском мы можем опустить "on" перед днями. Можно говорить:
  • I'll see you on Friday. или I'll see you Friday.
  • I don't get up early on Monday mornings. или I don't get up early Monday mornings.

  • Мы говорим in a few minutes , in six months:
  • The train will be leaving in a few minutes.
  • Andy has gone away. He'll be back in a week.
  • She'll be here in a moment.
  • Можно также сказать in six months' time , in a week's time , и т.д. :
  • They're getting married in six months' time.
  • Мы также употребляем in ... чтобы сказать, как много времени заняла некоторая деятельность:
  • I learnt to drive in four weeks.